PNW (Pacific North West)

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Theory-3 Media and Poor Boyz Productions bring you PNW (Pacific North West). This high-definition film showcases the travels of Pro skiers throught an entire season. Filmed in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Alberta and Oregon - it´s aimed at showcasing the best of the PNW. This innovative film has two edits, the first being laid out based on the highway systems of the PNW. Whereas the second is laid out as an athlete segmented film documenting each athlete´s season.

Starring: James Heim, Charley Ager, PY Leblanc, Brandon Kelly, Justin Dorey, Joe Schuster, Josh Stack, Riley Leboe, Charles Grant, Max Hill, Kevin Hjertaas, Colin Puskas, Johnny Five, Erich Kunz, Ian McIntosh and Andrew McIver.

Presented by: Whistler, Ski Journal, Atomic Freeskiing, Carrera

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