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Transitions on DVD

Over the last ten years a number of action sports have legitimized themselves as professional sports on a global level. Sports where ten years ago, participating athletes paychecks were barely covering their hospital bills and all of their futures relied heavily on broadening these relatively new sports mainstream appeal. Following this movement is an entire generation dubbed "Generation X", that nearly ten years later has managed to tip these sports into the mainstream. Together, action sports are captivating a worldwide audience and proving that not all sports have rules.

Profesional Free-skier Simon Dumont reflects a generation that has changed the state of sports today and will continue to push these ever changing sports into the future. "Transition" is a look into one of action sports most relevant personalities and the paradigm shift-taking place in sports and youth culture of today.

Presented by: Empire, Redbull Skiing, Salomon, Toyota, Kicker, Sunday River, Giro, Freeskier

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