Crunch Time

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Crunch Time on DVD

AValanches, overshoots cliff hucks and the worst slams ever at Chad's Gap's. Poor Boyz Productions and Studio411 will rock your socks off until you puke ( or until your eardrums bleed- or both) with skiing's most skull-crushing, gut-wrenching, bone-snapping crashes of all time. Try to keep your eyes on the screen as Tanner Hall, Chris Benchetler, Brandon Kelly and Anthony Borownowski give first hand accounts of their worst moments. Hosted by John Symms, probably the funniest man in the world.

Starring: Tanner Hall, Chris Benchetler, Brandon Kelly, Anthony Borownowski, John Symms, and every skier who has ever broken anything while being filmed.

Presented By: Studio 411 and Poor Boyz Productions

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