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Journal on DVD

Poor Boyz Productions, with Theory-3 Media and Jeff Thomas present JOURNAL, a visual chronicle of the 2008 winter season. Theory-3's JOURNAL – the blueprint of our season - follows Theory-3's different crews and how they react to day-to-day filming, travel, weather, and the many disciplines within skiing. Trips, locations, timelines and our unique mix of athletes make up this blueprint.

Starring: Charley Ager, PY Leblanc, Frank Raymond, Max Hill, Alexis Godbout, Joe Schuster, Dane Tudor, Christian Boucher, Brandon Kelly, Josh Stack, Riley Leboe, Cedric Tremblay, Matt Margetts, James Heim & Anthony Boronowski.

Presented By: Skier Magazine, Carrera, Whistler, Longhorn, Sunice, Line, Salomon, Moment Skis, F-Stop, Newschoolers, Mt. Baker, Red, Whistler Blackcomb, Pioneer Theatre

Locations: Whistler BC, Mt Baker / Mt Baker National Forest WA, Mt Cain & Vancouver Island BC, Revelstoke BC, Kamloops BC, Nelson BC, Red Mtn / Rossland BC, The Great Lakes ONT, Pemberton BC, Golden BC, Eastern WA, Vancouver BC, Schweitzer ID, Mammoth CA, just to name a few.

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